KO Karate is a wonderful place. The atmosphere is Friendly. The teachers are fabulous and always positive. Staff is like a family to my son who is getting trained as an instructor.

You also learn leaderships skills, respecting others, punctuality skills beside the class. 

I highly commend KO Karate and John Ozuna!

Manish G. - 11/27/14

My wife has been going to KO for years--a dedicated cardio-kickboxing student.  My daughter has also been attending for a couple of years now.  John is an amazing instructor. Incredibly talented, dedicated and good hearted.  You'll love it and the results speak for themselves inside and out.

W.B. - 11/17/14

I absolutely love this place! Their business practices are great, and I love that children can come to as many sessions as they want. Today we are here as my son wanted extra classes to earn his stripe, and I am just reminded how sweet, but focused and thorough in their teaching, all the leaders are. My kids are 5 and 6 and we've been enrolled for almost a year now. They've learned a lot of moves.

Corrine A. - 2/25/14

I cannot say enough wonderful things about KO Kung Fu Karate. The instructors are warm and knowledgeable. They teach the important technical aspects, but also the equally important respectful aspects. 

KO's fee policy and lesson schedule make it SO EASY for me as a parent. I can take my girls on our schedule. No penalty for missed classes, and we can stop and start lessons at any time if we leave town. 

My girls love their teachers and their lessons!

Kim S. - 1/22/14

We love this place! We have lived here for almost 3 years & am upset with the fact that I waited so long to enroll my son. He has been going to classes for about 3 months. They offer classes 7 days a week, with very convenient hours. The teachers are amazing. They work so well with the children. The atmosphere is always so positive. My son is 6 years old and is somewhat shy.  I can honestly say KO Karate has boosted his confidence (he has earned two yellow stripes on his belt) & he looks forward to going to his classes every week!

- Angela R. 4/26/13

"This is a wonderful school, where both my son and daughter have been taking classes for the last two years. Beyond just their continuing advancement and how much they enjoy it, there are a couple of things that stand out for me.

1. Atmosphere. The atmosphere created by the people at KO, from John Ozuna down to the student teachers, is unflaggingly positive. They are teaching children and adults to deal with aggressive, dangerous situations, but I have never witnessed nor heard of any aggressive or intimidating behavior by any of the staff. This gets reflected in the clientele; there are some very, very capable martial artists here (men and women), but there aren't any meatheads.

2. Mingling. Classes often include students of many levels and ages. While instructors may peel off smaller groups to work on different techniques as appropriate, classes begin and end together and do a fair amount of training together. I feel like it's good for everybody, young and old, beginner to advanced, to spend time around those who are somewhere else on the spectrum. "

Chris L - 12/22/12

KO continues to amaze us with the warmth and knowledge of their teachers and student helpers.  

We recently held a birthday party for our son at KO.  We had 43 kids at the party and KO responded with a staff of twelve!  
The staff provided the children with education on what to do in a "stranger danger" situation and then later put on a demonstration of the school's Bok Fu Do martial arts.  Kids and parents alike were awed.  Under Mrs. Curran's guidance, the staff took charge of the party and made us feel like royalty.

Howard S. - 10/15/11

We decided to check out K-O after reading the yelp reviews. I have to say I am incredibly impressed. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They are absolutely wonderful with my 6 year old daughter. She loves going to her karate classes. They start you off with 3 private lessons which include the outfit. The outfit isnt the typical white karate outfit. It is black pants and a KO t-shirt. After the 3 private lessons they did a ceremony where she got her white belt. It was very cute and very special. Mrs. Curran was my daughters instructor for her private lessons and she is the best! I see her with the kids and she is so patient and kind, always smiling. Another thing I really like about KO is that you pay one monthly fee and you can attend as many classes as you want. My daughter begs me to go everyday! I was thinking it would get old at some point but she hasnt got sick of it yet. Shes been going for just over a month now and I dont see her enthusiasm waning. In fact, she seems more motivated than ever. I cant think of one negative thing to say. The space is beautiful and everyone there seems like a family. In fact, it seems like so much fun that I want to be a part of it. There are a lot of parent/child participants and so Im thinking I might try it out as well. There is also a discount for family members, so thats a plus. Im so grateful to have found such a family oriented place! I know my daughter will benefit greatly in so many ways by being a part of KO Kung-Fu Karate.

Jay S. - 1/29/11

I can't recommend this highly enough.  The staff is outstanding and the owner is both knowledgeable and enthusiatic.  It's the first exercise place I've belonged to that I actually look forward to going.  I take the cardio kickboxing and the Kuoshu Kickboxing.  They also have karate classes that I haven't taken... yet.

David S - 9/5/06