Bok Fu Do (White Tiger Kung Fu)

Bok Fu Do, meaning “the System of the White Tiger”, was developed and founded by Grandmaster Richard Lee in 1967. It is a Chinese system of martial arts that is composed of many different fighting arts from around the world. It is one of the few systems of martial arts founded and developed in the west that is truly internationally recognized because of its consistent success in World competition. 

Bok Fu Do And Child Development

Being in a group class helps our youngest students learn to follow instructions, abide by school rules and respect the space of others. Bok Fu Do training is an excellent way to improve physical fitness, space perception, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Development of both gross and fine motor skills is especially critical in child development. Children with poorly developed motor skills often struggle with academic performance. Involving children in sports, such as martial arts, can be helpful in developing these skills. At K.O. we specialize in teaching children and creating an environment where they can gain self confidence while improving their motor skills, attention span, and coordination.

Bok Fu Do And Self Defense

Bok Fu Do teaches self-defense, not violence. The best Martial Artists are kind and considerate people. As students learn the ability to defend themselves, they gain the self-confidence and knowledge needed to avoid most confrontational or violent situations. The Buddhist Monks of ancient China, who invented Kung-Fu, thought of their defense techniques as ways to decline the violence of an attacker. The purpose was not to harm another, simply to return unwanted force. In so doing, one might be forced to harm a persistent or especially aggressive attacker while protecting from harm a non-aggressive victim (an innocent bystander or one's self). The style of Kung Fu taught at K.O. has a strong focus on practical self-defense. Students are taught to avoid conflict wherever and whenever possible (i.e., if possible run away and call for help). However, the possibility of violent crime is an unfortunate reality in our world. At K.O. we strive to give students the skills and tools they need to react effectively if ever faced with a life threatening (or life saving) situation. These skills and tools include not only the weapons of open handed self defense, but the training and experience to react in an effective way to an attack situation. 

Bok Fu Do As A Sport

Many K.O. students go beyond learning martial arts to becoming martial artists. K.O. regularly sends teams to perform in international tournaments and other events. Participating in such performances is a great way to improve self confidence, stage presence, and team building. K.O. has trained many national and international champions, most of whom are instructors at our school. Participation in Martial Arts sporting events is a wonderful character building experience. It's also lots of fun! 

Bok Fu Do And Life Balance

Our school is family oriented. We have many entire families who join one or more of our programs together. For hard working people looking for life balance, K.O. provides an excellent outlet for stress while improving mental and physical health. Master Ozuna’s drive to be the best that he can be is manifest as much in his desire to teach as in his performance in international competitions. This author can personally attest to the fact that Master Ozuna’s quest for perfection, in both the Martial Arts and the instruction of Martial Arts, is an inspiration to his students and staff and makes K.O. one of the most remarkable schools of its kind. His drive to excel, to every year be a better Martial Artist, is not an expression of competition towards others. It is, rather, a manifestation of his desire to inspire and set a personal example for his students. As a teacher Master Ozuna focuses not only on helping those with great natural ability to excel in Bok Fu Do, he seeks to help all his students reach their potential.