Mrs. Mary Schmid

Teaching Ranks:

  • Instructor Level 2 - International Bok Fu Do Association
  • Instructor B - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: 3rd Degree Brown Belt

Date Began Training: August 2008

Represented John Ozuna's KO Kung Fu in National Competition:

2011 - International Kuoshu Championships, Baltimore, MD

Brief Bio:

Mary Schmid competed in gymnastics in middle school and discovered martial arts in high school where she competed in Judo. She was introduced to Master Ozuna and Bok Fu Do in 2004 when her daughter began training at K.O. Watching her daughter made Mary remember how much she enjoyed martial arts and she took the introductory course but life intervened and she was not able to continue training at that time. She has tried several exercise programs over the years and was unable to stick with any of them. When she was diagnosed with diabetes and told that exercise would help keep it under control she immediately thought of K.O. Mary began studying Bok Fu Do in 2008 when her daughter returned to K.O. She says that walking through the door at K.O. felt like coming home. It still does. At K.O. Mary has found a consistently nurturing environment where there is always someone ready with a smile and an encouraging word. She has learned that it is never too late to take your life in hand and set, and achieve goals. She especially enjoys working with our younger students and seeing them grow both as people and as martial artists. She looks forward to doing so for years to come.