K Nirmale Headshot.png

Mr. Krish Nirmale

Teaching Ranks:

  • Instructor D - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: Green Belt

Date Began Training: March 2010

Brief Bio:

Krish Nirmale first started training at K.O. Kung Fu Karate in 2010. Hhe has competed in local, and regional competitions all over the state of California. Mr. Nirmale became an instructor in June of 2019.

For Mr. Nirmale, being a K.O. Instructor means a chance for greater responsibility than is typically given to his peers. It has helped with his time-management skills as well as following through on completing goals. Originally, Mr. Nirmale started studying Martial Arts because it was something that was active and fun. and now he finds that it helps him in other ways as well, including helping him cool down and center himself any time he is feeling frustrated.

Mr. Nirmale is a student at University Preparatory Academy. When he is not practicing Bok Fu Do, he enjoys playing tennis and coding.