"What style of martial arts do you teach?"

We teach an eclectic style of martial arts called Bok Fu Do (System of the White Tiger) which was founded by Grandmaster Richard Lee in 1967. Bok Fu Do encompasses elements of American Kenpo, Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Okinawa Karate & Korean Tae Kwon Do. 

"What are the differences between the many styles of martial arts?"

Each style has a different location of origin (ex. Kung Fu or Kuoshu originated in China). 

"What is the difference between Sport Fighting (like MMA) and Bok Fu Do?"

Sport fighting is competition based and the fighters follow a set of rules (legal vs illegal targets, compete a ring or cage, and have a certain time frame). Bok Fu Do teaches self defense against real life attack situations. A student is taught to target the most sensitive areas of the attacker's body (eyes, throat, groin) and never to "fight" strength versus strength. While student learn many valuable lessons from Sport Fighting, it is only a component of the complete system of Bok Fu Do.

"Do your students compete in tournaments?"

Yes. Tournament competition is a great way to challenge yourself, improve martial arts skills, create long lasting friendships, and travel the World. We are proud to have produced National & Internationally recognized competitors, including National & World Champions. Visit our tournaments page to learn more.