Tournament competition is a great way to challenge yourself, improve martial arts skills, create long lasting friendships, and travel the World. We are proud to have produced National & Internationally recognized competitors, including National & World Champions.  Our students compete in Forms, Weapons, Self Defense/Mass Attacks, 2-Person Sets, Light Contact Sparring & Lei Tai (Full Contact) Fighting.

KO students & instructors compete in Regional, National/International & World Tournaments.


Regional Tournaments

- KO West Coast Regional Kuo Shu Tournaments (San Jose) - Sponsored by KO Kung Fu (Winter & Summer)

- West Coast Regional Bok Fu Do Kuo Shu Tournaments (Bay Area) - Sponsored by East-West Kung Fu (Spring & Fall)

National/International Tournaments

- US International Kuo Shu Championships (Baltimore, MD) - Sponsored by the United States Kuo Shu Federation (annual)

World Tournaments

- World Kuoshu Championship Tournaments - Sponsored by the World Kuo Shu Federation (every 3 years). In order to qualify to compete in Lei Tai (Full Contact) fighting & earn a spot on the USA team, competitors must place 1st in their weight division at the US International Kuo Shu Championships in Baltimore, MD.  Below is a list of TWKSF World Tournaments.

- 1st TWKSF World Tournament - Brazil, 2003
- 2nd TWKSF World Tournament - Singapore, 2006 (KO brings home 3 Gold, 2 Silver, & 2 Bronze medals)
- 3rd TWKSF World Tournament - Germany, 2009 (KO brings home 1 Gold medal)
- 4th TWKSF World Tournament - Malaysia, 2012 (KO brings home 4 Gold, 7 Silver, 4 Bronze medals)
- 5th TWKSF World Tournament - Argentina, 2015 (KO brings home 6 Gold, 7 Silver, 4 Bronze medals)

KO Sponsored Tournaments

Since 2009, KO has hosted 2 regional tournaments per year (Winter & Summer). These tournaments have provided valuable experience to competitors, some of whom have gone on to compete in National & International events. A history of the KO tournament posters are shown below.