2018 World Team Fundraiser

Silent Auction Winners

Thank you for supporting the team! To collect your prize, please see an Instructor.

45-Minute Introductory Tai Chi Private Lesson with Master Ozuna

~Kathleen Callan~

45-Minute Introductory Fan Form Private Lesson with Master Ozuna

 ~ Erin Martinov~

30-Minute Introductory Nunchaku Private Lesson with Ms. Katie Schmid

~ Gabe Wright~

30-Minute Introductory Chinese Form Private Lesson with Mr. William Solovei

~ Grant Gallegos~

Private Introductory Yoga Lesson with Mrs. Kathleen Callan

~ Mary Albertson~

Autographed DVD and Movie Poster - Blood Relative, starring Master John Ozuna

~ Serhan Pekel~

Painting Party with Ms. Katie Schmid & Mrs. Mary Schmid

~ Giovanni Malone ~ Laya Arun ~ Julie Hannan ~ Sandy Koerner ~

Painting by Ms. Katie Schmid

~ Gallegos Family~

Painting by Mrs. Mary Schmid

~ Emanuel Synodinos~

Painting by Mrs. Diane Sieger

~ Danica Pham ~