Mr. Ryan Mealiffe

Teaching Ranks:

  • Instructor Level 1 - International Bok Fu Do Association

  • Instructor C - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: IBFDA Certified 3rd Degree Brown Belt

Date Began Training: November 2010

Brief Bio:

Ryan Mealiffe first started martial arts out of curiosity in 2007, attending Imperial Martial Arts until it shut down in 2010. Initially nervous to continue studying martial arts at a different school, he found a welcoming community at K.O. Mr. Mealiffe became an official instructor in 2017.

"Bok Fu Do has been a formative force in my life; it made me a better person by hardening my resolve and continues to provide me with essential and universal life tools. As an instructor, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to educate others and share my passion for martial arts while contributing to the amiable community at K.O.”

Mr. Mealiffe is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in history, anthropology, and philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle. Although he primarily lives in Washington state, Mr. Mealiffe frequents K.O. whenever he has an opportunity.