John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate 2018 World Team

Master John Ozuna

Team Coach


About our Coach

Master John Ozuna is the owner and Master Instructor at K.O. Kung Fu. He is a First Generation Disciple of Grandmaster Richard Lee and a Bok Fu Do Master Black Belt with nearly 40 years of experience. He is also a 6th Tuan Red Sash with The World Kuo Shu Federation. Master Ozuna is the Executive Vice President of the International Bok Fu Do Association (IBFDA), and the West Coast Regional Director of the United States Kuo Shu Federation (USKSF). In 2017, he was inducted into the prestigious USKSF Kuo Shu Hall of Fame.

In 1992, Master Ozuna represented the United States of America in the 1992 World Kuo Shu Championships in the Republic of China, Taiwan, as well as in the European Cup in Malaga, Spain.


Master Ozuna is an internationally certified referee, and has coached many National and World Martial Arts Champions.

Master Ozuna has been appointed as the Head Coach of the New Zealand National Team for the 6th TWKSF World KuoShu Championship Tournament to be help in Hunt Valley, Maryland July 2018


Master Ozuna coaches Katie Schmid before her second fight at the 5th TWKSF Championship Tournament in Mendoza, Argentina

 Master Ozuna coaches Katie Schmid between rounds of a Lei Tai match

Master Ozuna coaches Katie Schmid between rounds of a Lei Tai match


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