Mr. Joe Salas

Teaching Rank: 

  • Instructor B - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: 1st Degree Brown Belt

Date Began Training: June 1998

Represented John Ozuna's KO Kung Fu in National Competition:

2010 - International Koushu Championships, Baltimore, MD
2009 - International Koushu Championships, Baltimore, MD

Awards & Recognitions:

3rd Place, Kata, International Koushu Championships, Baltimore, MD - 2010

Brief Bio:

Mr. Salas began the study of Martial Arts while stationed in Okinawa. He first studied Okinawa Te in 1965 and at a different school of Te in 1974. When returning to the states he looked for a school to settle in and first tried Korean Martial arts. This did not work out so next he went to the Japanese art of Shotokan and this did not work out either. Next he tried a short stint with Aikido and the instructor moved back to Hawaii.

What next?

At this time Mr. Salas found the art of Kenpo and studied under a teacher by the name of Sam Brown. Mr. Brown was from Hawaii and studied under Professor Chow who is in the line of masters for Bok fu do.

Mr. Brown moved to Nevada and again Mr. Salas was left without a school. It is at this time that Mr. Salas found East-West San Jose and due to work issues Mr. Salas left East-West. Then Mr. Salas found KO in1998 and has been with this school since then.