Mr. Grant Gallegos

G Gallegos Headshot.png

Teaching Ranks:

  • Instructor D - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: Green Belt

Date Began Training: July 2012

Brief Bio:

Grant Gallegos first started training at K.O. Kung Fu Karate in 2012. Has competed in local, national, and world competition all over the United States of America. Mr. Gallegos became an instructor in June of 2019.

Mr. Gallegos studies Martial Arts in order to better himself as a person in all aspects of his life. His goal as a K.O. Instructor is to pass on the knowledge of his teachers to the next generation of students. When asked what being an Instructor means to him, he replied, “I couldn’t be happier to have earned this privilege.”

Outside of K.O. Kung Fu, Mr. Gallegos is a student at Willow Glen Middle School and likes playing basketball with his friends.