Ms. Gabi O’Neill

Teaching Ranks: 

  • Instructor Level 1 - International Bok Fu Do Association
  • Instructor C - John Ozuna's K.O. Kung Fu Karate

Training Rank: 3rd Degree Brown Belt

Date Began Training: January 2005

Represented John Ozuna's KO Kung Fu in National Competition: 

2009 - International Kuoshu Championships, Baltimore, MD

Brief Bio: 

Gabi O’Neill started her martial arts training in 2004 at John Ozuna’s KO Kung Fu.  As a little girl, she greatly admired her older brother, Mark O’Neill, and always had to try whatever he was doing.  So, when he joined KO Kung Fu Karate, and decided to stick with it, she had to give it a try.  Over time, she became quite fond of all the instructors at the school, thinking of them as her second family and the school itself as a second home. 

As she advanced through the ranks, she was invited to the Jr. Trainee program, and that’s where her interest for teaching developed.  In 2011 she was able to assist in her first class.  After a month or two of helping with the Mighty Mights she knew that teaching was going to become a big part of her life.  In April 2014, one of her goals was fulfilled when she earned the rank of Instructor Level D.   

Miss O’Neill has competed for John Ozuna’s KO Kung Fu both regionally and nationally, including the 2009 International Koshu Championships in Baltimore, Maryland.